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Download tiktok video without watermark
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A certain number of videos in Tick Tok can be downloaded on iPhone or Android without any problems without resorting to third-party web services.

Long press

  • Make a long press on the video and click on the “Save clip” button

Share on Tik Tok

On the selected clip, click "Share" and after "Save clip"


If you tap on the video, and the “Save” button does not appear in any way, then most likely you are trying to download the video, which its owner has blocked and does not allow you to download.

However, you can also download a locked video from Tick Tok, however, only using another application:

  • on Android, a program is often used for this, which is called " Video download for tik tok "
  • on iPhone for the same purpose, you can use the Tik Tok Downloader application

Of course, downloading videos blocked by users is not good.

Since they are blocked, the owners had some of their own, probably good enough.

In this regard, we’ll remind you just in case that if you don’t want your TikTok videos to be pulled apart without your knowledge, you’ll either have to make the relevant videos private or, if with a guarantee, make the entire account private (closed) and then allow Only trusted friends can access it.

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TikTok video downloader - download tiktok video without watermark