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Download tiktok video without watermark
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tiktok saver without watermark

In case you find the watermark annoying, we also tell you how to download TikTok video without watermark.

There are different ways to grab videos from TikTok. The online service is one of the best since it requires no software installation and registration. There is a minimum chance for you to get viruses.

Find a free online service that enables you to download the tiktok videos without a watermark. There are a bunch of them, for instance, Tiktok Downloader, free and easy to use. Following three simple steps, you could get your favorite videos.

Step 1: Find your video and copy its URL

Go to the TikTok website or start its app. Locate your video and click on the “Share” icon, and “Copy Link” button to save the video URL.

Step 2: Go to Tiktok Downloader and paste the video URL.

There are three tabs for your selection.

i) MP4: download video without watermark

ii) MP4 WM: download video with watermark

iii) MP3: download MP3 audio

Pick one for the tiktok download.

You could save your video or MP3 to your device (PC, Android phone or iPhone, etc.), or Dropbox account remotely or scan the QR code and download it on your or your friend’s smartphone.

Step 4: Locate your video just downloaded in your system default download folder, for instance, on Windows, it is the “Downloads” folder.

TikTok video downloader - download tiktok video without watermark